9 Days Tour Around Taiwan (9D/8N)

Taiwan is a Formosa Island, surround by sea and concreted by gorgeous mountains, which is one of the highest density of mountain countries. Over 260 mountains are covered by kuroshio , make the prosperity of the marine sources and nature ecology. Hence, Taiwan has plenty of aboriginal culture and the enthusiastic public is the major feature for all.

Bicycle travel is popular for public due to the pace of travel is most suitable either by car or by walk in Taiwan, a special island with humanistic life, tasty food, and iconic scene along coast side which you must experience.


Tour Itinerary


Day 1:



Simpleicons_Places_map-with-placeholder.pngDistance: Taipei-Yilan-Jiaosi

icon-fahrrad 拷貝.pngAvenue: In the morning 8 am, we meet up at Taipei and cycle along bike trail to Taipei zoo. Then we ride to Fulong for lunch and continually head to famous hot spring county-Jiaosi.

icon-site-visit 拷貝.pngvisit: Fulong bikeway, Coastal highway, Jiaosihot spring.

downloa2d.pngBreakfast: hotel

Lunch: Fulong Benton

Dinner: Localcuisine

75115045611_orig.pngHOTEL:SUN SPRING RESORT





Simpleicons_Places_map-with-placeholder.png Jiaosi-Su’ao Station→Xincheng station→Taroko-Qixingtan Scenic Area-Hualian city

icon-fahrrad 拷貝.pngToday we take train and passby the dangerous SuHua highwaythen save more time for Taroko Valley scene and route 193 to Hualien city.

icon-site-visit 拷貝.pngVisit: Cingshuei Cliff, Taroko Valley, Qixingtan Scenic Area bike trail

downloa2d.pngBreakfast: hotel
Lunch: Aboriginal cuisine
Dinner: Hualien night market 

75115045611_orig.pngHOTEL:Astar Hotel




0427 Day5-74.jpg


Simpleicons_Places_map-with-placeholder.pngDistance: Hualian-Yuli-An-tong

icon-fahrrad 拷貝.pngWe ride from Taiwan provincial highway 11 and enjoy lunch and dessert at Sugar factory before keep on to An-tong hot spring, which was built by historic Japanese Colony. Along the way we see beautiful greenly garden and lonely zigzag river.

icon-site-visit 拷貝.pngVisit: Hualian Tourism Sugar factory, route 193, heritage An-tong hotstpring

downloa2d.pngBreakfast: hotel

Lunch: Benton/lunch bo

Dinner: Local cuisine

75115045611_orig.pngHOTEL:An-tong hotstpring Hotel




0426 Day4-264.jpg


Simpleicons_Places_map-with-placeholder.pngDistance: An-tong –Taidong city-Zhiben

icon-fahrrad 拷貝.pngYu-chang Highway is 7 KM climbing over to Hua dong coastal side, there is Sanxiantai for water playground and seaside for lunch. Then cycle along bicycle pathway to discoverthe wonder of Water Flowing Upwardsand take away of Donghe meat bun. At last, we ride through Shiauyeliou to Zhiben Hotspring.

icon-site-visit 拷貝.pngVisits: Pacific scene, Sanxiantai, Seafood, DongHe meat bun

downloa2d.pngBreakfast: hotel

Lunch: Fresh sea food cuisine

Dinner: Local cuisine

75115045611_orig.pngHOTEL:Toyugi Hot Spring Resort & Spa




0426 Day4-125.jpg


Simpleicons_Places_map-with-placeholder.pngDistance: zhiben~South-Link Highway- Shouka-Dongyuan Forest Recreation Area and Dongyuan Wet Grassland-Mudan Reservoir- Szu-Chung-Chi- Checheng township.

icon-fahrrad 拷貝.pngAs the mid-term exam, we have to challenge the highest road of Taiwan (height 450m and 12KM distance) and go through Dongyuan Wetland, Mudan Reservoir and the large temple of Taiwan, Fu-an temple along route 199.

icon-site-visit 拷貝.pngVisits: South-Link Highway, Fresh seafood, Fu-an temple, green bean soup

downloa2d.pngBreakfast: hotel

Lunch: Fresh seafood

Dinner: Local cuisine





0425 Day3-30.jpg


Simpleicons_Places_map-with-placeholder.pngDistance: Checheng- Fangliao-Kaoshiong-Tainan

icon-fahrrad 拷貝.pngKaoshiong is 2nd biggest city of Taiwan, after we ride through the crowded and modern city and head to historic and iconic Tainan city with different view and feeling. Yet, Tainan snack is the one of best food in Taiwan.

icon-site-visit 拷貝.pngVisits: Taiwan Provincial 26 highway-Taiwan snack

downloa2d.pngBreakfast: hotel

Lunch: Benton/lunch box

Dinner: Tainan night market 
(self pay)

75115045611_orig.pngHOTEL:F HOTEL (Tainan)





Simpleicons_Places_map-with-placeholder.pngDistance: Tainan Chity-Chiayi-Yunlin-Changhua-Yuanlin

icon-fahrrad 拷貝.pngToday is the longest distance we cycle and we pass Tropic of Cancer Marker before we meet Chianan Plain, which is the flattening road we ever cycle for those day. Before we arrive hotel, we never miss with Asian 2nd longest metal and heritage Hsilo bridge too.

icon-site-visit 拷貝.pngVisits: Asian 2nd longest metal and heritage Hsilo bridge-Minxiong meat bun


downloa2d.pngBreakfast: hotel

Lunch: Local snack

Dinner: Local cuisine





Simpleicons_Places_map-with-placeholder.pngDistance: Yuanlin-Taizhong-Miaoli-Hsinzhu

icon-fahrrad 拷貝.pngHsinchu is windy city and we have to pass this city with more endurance before we reach 150 years old baishatun temple, along the road we see many Wind Turbines built on the ground and  we have a protein-rich dinner to compensate we lost all day.

icon-site-visit 拷貝.pngVisit: Grand matsu temple- baishatun temple-Hsinzhu bicycle pathway


downloa2d.pngBreakfast: hotel

Lunch: Local cuisine

Dinner: Gala dinner

75115045611_orig.pngHOTEL:Crystal Sauna Motel




0423 Day1-230.jpg


Simpleicons_Places_map-with-placeholder.pngDistance: Nanliao Fishery Harbor-provincial highway no. 61- Guandu-bicycle pathway-Hsindian

icon-fahrrad 拷貝.pngThis is the last day for the trip, we ride from provincial highway no. 61 to Taipei, we will pass Guandu Temple, bicycle pathway and reach our final destination-Hsindian where we start cycling from.

icon-site-visit 拷貝.pngVisits: Yong-an Fishery Harbor-Zhuwei Fishery Harbor-Guandu-bicycle pathway-Hsindian

downloa2d.pngBreakfast: hotel

Lunch:  Local cuisine

Dinner: not included

Important Info





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